George Liddle is a veteran with four decades of experience with a practice devoted strictly to property possession issues. They talk about some of the more challenging cases over the years as a top-level eviction expert for some of the biggest national lenders.

What does your typical practice look like?

George started the office of Liddle and Liddle with his sister in 1986 and he knew before he started law school what he was going to be doing once he graduated. He usually introduces himself in the manner of Alcoholics Anonymous and says “Hi, my name is George and I evict people.”

If possession of real property is not an issue, it’s not a case that ends up on George’s desk.

George does everything by the book and faces the judge straight on. If you get into an unlawful detainer action that gets complicated, you’ll be glad you’re working with someone who knows their stuff.

Who is your typical client?

George works with all sorts of people including individual mom and pop landlords, medium to large management companies, and more.

The best way to ensure the proper outcome of a detainer action is to make sure you have a proper beginning. You have to start off right or nothing in the case will go your way as the case progresses.

George relates a story of a client that purchased a real estate opportunity from the bank. The defendant in the case had been giving the bank the runaround for nearly five years and managed to give George some difficulty as well but he managed to close it successfully. He also tells a story of a tenant that had been paying his rent to the landlord in the form of marijuana.

A good rule of thumb is to not get too close to your tenants. Keep it a business relationship.

In a strange twist of fate, both Rick and George originally went to college for Zoology. Lucky for them because they do encounter a lot of wild animals around the courthouse.

Unlawful detainer is recognized by the courts as a local action, so George typically only operates in his local area. It’s best to work with someone in the county that the court is located in, but George has been known to help retain local counsel and direct a case from a distance.

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